Ignite Passion by Transforming Your Expertise into Opportunities for You and Others with Wisdome


If you're someone who's passionate about sharing your knowledge and empowering others with it, Wisdome is the ideal choice. Whether you're dreaming of running your own membership site brimming with valuable content, looking to market and sell your online courses, or you’re a dedicated coach aiming to provide your clients with a comprehensive information portal, we’re here to facilitate a memorable customer experience. 

Our platform has been meticulously designed to assist you in transforming your expertise into a thriving income stream no matter whether you’re running a side hustle or a full time business. Your vibrant community of enthusiastic learners is destined to thrive around your wisdom… and Wisdome…


  • Sell Courses as products alone or as part of a full subscription with access to libraries, events and more
  • Evergreen or progressive drip fed courses with resources, video and more
  • Student chat groups with Social Wall
  • Live webinars with pre session questions and downloadables


  • Create client access levels for content specific to them
  • Create private chat rooms with clients in Social Wall
  • Coaching session client specific or one to many with Events
  • Build a library of content to share with clients and members


  • Prepare guests with event agendas specific to attendees through Events
  • Provide resources for attendees pre and post events / retreats through the Library
  • Enable attendees to continue building connections within your community through Social Wall


  • Share content within libraries via access levels
  • Engage with your members with unlimited groups/ individuals
  • Deliver webinars, talks and more through Events
  • Give members opportunities to engage and dive into your content at their own pace
  • Evolve your offer with future courses, or events 


  • Create a VIP environment to paying members only
  • Build your own library of playlists within our Content Library by embedding your recording, transcripts and more
  • Engage and find out what your community love to hear via Social Wall
  • Expand your opportunities by offering courses or challenges


  • Prepare your audience for coming sessions and add in resources to your events
  • Create library of pre and post Mastermind workbooks, recordings and more based on audience ticket access - VIP access etc
  • Continue conversations with Social Wall and discover further opportunities to support your audience
  • Deliver Challenges within your Mastermind

… And that’s just the beginning! If you have wisdom to share, Wisdome is for YOU!

Start A Profitable Knowledge Business With Wisdome

Wisdome is your all in one content delivery system and the ONLY Content and Engagement Platform that combines ALL 7 Essential Tools under one roof:


Create an online repository where you can store and organize all of your digital content in one place.


Save money by hosting your content directly on Wisdome, and gain access to hosting Online Events, Coaching, Podcasts, and starting a Membership business.


Create a thriving membership business with tiered membership levels, drip-feeding, online events, and more.


Your knowledge is worth more than you think. Sell online courses and showcase your skills. Turn your wisdom into a passive income while helping others improve their lives.


Include challenges in your content to motivate your members. Provide additional tasks, polls, and progress sheets.It will help them learn faster and feel more engaged.


Deliver value and build trust by hosting exclusive online events. Webinars and virtual classes help you generate leads and build customer relationships.


Grow your online community through our Social Wall. It's like having your own Facebook group, but you're in complete control. You can add, remove and moderate content without any algorithm getting in the way. 



Anyone who interested or looking to expand their business by sharing their knowledge. You may wish to begin sharing content in libraries, or teach courses or create coaching programs. We support many formats of content, so you may be

  • a Gardener or Yoga instructor wishing to share videos,
  • or a Financial advisor or Mindset coach looking to run coaching sessions with events, or share files,
  • you may be a teacher / trainer or someone who has experience in the world to teach some courses and share workbooks,
  • or an accountant building up a community,
  • someone with awesome cooking skills looking to share a wealth of recipes in a library
  • even an influencer who might wish to share their experiences with their followers and community in a secure space
  • or a mentor or counsellor needing a safe space to engage with individuals and use our access levels for each client
  • the list is seriously endless!

Wisdome caters to anyone who wishes to share their knowledge and wisdom online and engage with a community under one roof. Our founder (who had her own membership) built this tool to open doors and help anyone looking to share and engage with the world. 


Yes, you most certainly own your own content and members details. We do not copy or user your members details as our own.  The only time we see your content and members is during our security checks to ensure content is safe, both legally and data base wise. 


Our tool helps you create an exclusive space for you and your members to engage and access your exclusive content, safely. It is a space where you can upload content in many formats, schedule as you need to release and assist your members to access any event details and links in one location. 

what is our data storage limit?

Our basic Starter Plan offers 2GB and our Business Plan offers up to 20GB data, and with the NEW Endeavour Plan you have 40GB however we will release an option to extend this later in the year. We will also be offering what we call "Data Packs", and this will enable you to extend your data  allowance if you need. You can easily upgrade your data limit as your needs grow.


Absolutely. We now offer a white glove manual migration / upload service to help you move content across. Just CLICK HERE to learn more or email us at support@wisdome.com.au and we can work out how to assist you further. 


Yes, security is our top priority. We use the latest encryption technology and secure servers to ensure that your content is kept safe and secure. 

Our in-house IT team is regularly updating our security protocols to ensure the highest level of protection for your content.

can i cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes you can simply unsubscribe from inside the platform via settings. Once you have unsubscribed, we would suggest you email us at support@wisdome.com.au .
We of course would never like to see anyone leave, but we do understand we are not built for everyone at the moment. 

Monthly or yearly users can cancel anytime, however we cannot pay out based on pro rata (time left over in your plan).

do you offer a money back guarantee?

We really do believe you will love WISDOME and see the potential it has to grow even further. With our passion and drive to ensure this platform opens doors for content sharers and community creators, this platform will be upgrading with the funds that come in.

However, we also promise that if you for any reason are not happy with WISDOME and think it is just not right for you, please simply email us at support@wisdome.com.au within 30 days of your subscription start date and we will refund your money back. We may only ask why, so we can better our support and services. 

can you accept internal payments?

YES!! We are integrated with STRIPE,  so you can accept credit card payments from potential new or upgrading members. You are able to invite new users into your business via a Plan Sales Page (a URL) that you can share anywhere. On this page you can showcase Courses that you can sell individually or memberships / subscription plans. 

what if I still have questions?

That's okay. We understand how daunting it can be when using new software and our team are here to support you. Contact us via email to support@wisdome.com.au and we will be more than happy to assist you.