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Enhance your customer journey and create a scalable, enjoyable learning experience in our complete digital ecosystem

Leverage our technology to bring together YOUR community YOUR way…

Wisdome works for:

  • Memberships
  • Courses
  • Coaching Programs
  • Events and Retreats
  • Community Building
  • Profile Building (Paid podcasts, video content subscriptions etc)






How to start using WISDOME

Many of our users are starting their new Wisdom sharing adventure or expanding their businesses and we always suggest to simply begin with some content... not try and create or upload everything at once!

You can be selling courses, inviting members in and engaging in a community all within just a few days!


If you're looking to sell a course - then start by creating a small one with 4- 6 lessons inside, add a price and invite people to it!


Begin by creating a couple membership levels

Invite your followers in and start a social group or invite them to an event

Look at building a library of content with a variety of folders that encase - newsletters, resources etc. Just something small to give members something to look through.

Beginning to use WISDOME within a week is easy.

If you have newsletters, articles, resources, then load them up

If you have an email list of followers, then bulk upload them in

If you have a course idea or outline, then begin uploading it and schedule further lessons as you continue creating!

What’s inside Wisdome?


Here you can use your imagination and create
content / videos / images into folders how you please... Add text, embed a video or even add a file to download... whatever you need to deliver the very best learning experience for your people will be at your fingertips!


Got something to teach?! Now's your chance with our course-building functionality!
Create drip-fed, evergreen or live courses for your members to love and learn from! Paid or free... the choice is entirely yours...


In the digital learning space, we know how important building connection is. Challenges are the perfect vehicle for delivering your wisdom and building up your community around you, which is exactly why we've included these powerful tools in our ground breaking tech!


Upload pre recorded media or link a live feed
into your app and have guests join, chat and
even ask questions before the event so you can
answer them prepared. Even add downloadables
before or during the event.


Keep your community updated with the very latest as-it-happens info with our live post functionality. It's like having your own FB group, but you're in complete control. You can add, remove and moderate content without any algorithm getting in the way. 


Save money by hosting your content directly on Wisdome. You have the option to provide links to your media or embed. We support both options so you can decide how you utilise your data allowance, giving you freedom.


Create a thriving membership business with tiered access levels, applying to all content, events and groups. As a couch you can even apply access levels to individual clients!


Deliver your content on your own timeline... Whether it's by date, a set number of days apart, or even the number of days after a member joins your membership, it'll drop when time is just right for them (and you!)



Our system is a secure and closed system, so your members and your content are accessed only via members given access. We are implementing internal payment soon, which will enable internal sales.

Good for everyone: Wisdome makes learning (and teaching) from anywhere… easy

Your members can: 

  • Use an ANDROID APP - And engage with your content from anywhere anytime!
  • Use your organised Library of content - text, imbed videos, forms, downloads, images
  • Access and enrol in courses - progression, schedule or complete lesson access
  • Discover events - calendar view (Monthly, weekly agenda), links direct to streamed events, book via links embedded in your description
  • Actually chat with each other in Social Forums - You create groups and can give access to specific members (students in a course, a program, a membership level)
  • Leave you comments - In courses, lessons, challenges, events, social wall

You can:

  • Add your own Logo and branding colour scheme (no extra charge!)-  So your members see you!
  • Create Access Levels - Create membership levels, Coaching Groups
  • Schedule Any Content - Delay until you're ready to release ( Library, Courses, Challenges, Events and more)
  • Deliver your knowledge how you feel is comfortable - Pages, Videos, Download-ables, Events, Forums (like chat groups)
  • Engage with your members - Comments, Questions, Forums
  • Edit, Delete, Save, Embed
  • Accept payments internally via STRIPE
  • Invite potential members, students, clients to join via your own Landing page of offers you choose to showcase. 
  • Save $$$ as we only charge a base monthly rate and as you grow and need more data, then you can choose to increase your limits!

Trial applies to monthly plans only

read the reviews

Gold Winner - Tech Start Up of the Year - Services 2023

What stands out most about Wisdome is its commitment to inclusivity, with plans for future developments catering to non-English speakers and users with visual impairments or dyslexia. This dedication to inclusivity, along with its user-focused design and functionality, solidifies Wisdome's position as a cutting-edge solution for content creators.

Wisdome is doing a great job for a startup company. The purpose is well articulated and the product features are planned to address the gaps in existing platforms. Wisdome has good clarity on the next steps, which is demonstrated by the teams ability to quantify results, budgets needed etc

Wisdome is an excellent innovative concept bringing all under one roof for the content creators in the LMS domain.

Judges Comments - Stevie International Awards 2023

"I love this, I thought when I first saw this that you're coming from a different angle, you're coming from being a user rather than tech headspace... I think what you have done is amazing.... Not having to switch out of programs and everything. I'm happy I came in at this point”

Carol Robertson - Ms Property

“I’m in the process of setting up my offerings on Wisdome and finding the support fantastic. The team are so accessible, responsive and helpful. The platform is aesthetically pleasing and not cluttered like some others I’ve considered " 

Gail Eaton-Briggs - Everywhen Solutions

"I recently build my brand-new membership using Wisdome. I have to say I’m so impressed with how easy the platform is to use. I love the look of the content library. It makes it so easy for my members to navigate. The bonus of the platform is the social wall. “No more Facebook groups” yah! "

Tanya Francois - Be In Harmony

“I am so excited to be hosting my next course on Wisdome. I love the easy way to populate the platform with my content and I can’t wait to share it with my community. Nikki really has taken all the pain away from building an online course!” 

Jules Brooke - She's The Boss

"I’ve finally sat down and had a play and a look around - it looks so professional and so amazing. It’s such a huge project, well done!!! It’s far beyond anything I’d imagined!"

Karen Blakely - Smart Steps to Australia

It's easy to get started with WISDOME 

From as little as

AUD $31* per month  

*Price based on Startup Annual Plan

The easiest, most affordable ALL-IN-ONE content management and delivery system!

with 14 Day Trial via any of our Monthly Plans


We really do believe you will love WISDOME and see the potential it has to grow even further. With our passion and drive to ensure this platform opens doors for content sharers and community creators, this platform will be upgrading with the funds that come in.

However, we also promise that if you for any reason are not happy with WISDOME and think it is just not right for you, please simply email us at support@wisdome.com.au within 30 days of your subscription start date and we will refund your money back. We may only ask why, so we can better our support and services. 

A message from Nikki Cali

Founder of WISDOME

These are early days and already we're being recognised for our efforts and mission. My team and I are online every day supporting our users. We too are adjusting, listening and learning about what you need. This platform is built for you and by you as we can in these early stages. So why not be part of this awesome platform now.....This truly is just the beginning....

While there's already so much goodness to get your members involved in, we’ve got big plans for the near future. Our team know the learning space well, and are fully equipped to evolve as the industry does. Incoming features include:

  • Podcast/Playlists
  • Video Library
  • User Stats Dashboard
  • Internal payment systems

… And so much more

Can't wait to meet you at our regular walkthroughs and workshops.


Be part of the WISDOME community today and secure the best possible price for the lifetime of your membership!



Anyone who interested or looking to expand their business by sharing their knowledge. You may wish to begin sharing content in libraries, or teach courses or create coaching programs. We support many formats of content, so you may be

  • a Gardener or Yoga instructor wishing to share videos,
  • or a Financial advisor or Mindset coach looking to run coaching sessions with events, or share files,
  • you may be a teacher / trainer or someone who has experience in the world to teach some courses and share workbooks,
  • or an accountant building up a community,
  • someone with awesome cooking skills looking to share a wealth of recipes in a library
  • even an influencer who might wish to share their experiences with their followers and community in a secure space
  • or a mentor or counsellor needing a safe space to engage with individuals and use our access levels for each client
  • the list is seriously endless!

Wisdome caters to anyone who wishes to share their knowledge and wisdom online and engage with a community under one roof. Our founder (who had her own membership) built this tool to open doors and help anyone looking to share and engage with the world. 


Our tool helps you create an exclusive space for you and your members to engage and access your exclusive content, safely. It is a space where you can upload content in many formats, schedule as you need to release and assist your members to access any event details and links in one location. 


Yes, you most certainly own your own content and members details. We do not copy or user your members details as our own.  The only time we see your content and members is during our security checks to ensure content is safe, both legally and data base wise. 


Yes, security is our top priority. We use the latest encryption technology and secure servers to ensure that your content is kept safe and secure. 

Our in-house IT team is regularly updating our security protocols to ensure the highest level of protection for your content.


Absolutely. Just email us at support@wisdome.com.au and we can work out how to assist you further. We offer a white glove migration service to assist you in transferring or even uploading content to Wisdome. CLICK HERE to learn more

what is our data storage limit?

Our basic Starter Plan offers 2GB, Business Plan offers up to 20GB data and now 40GB with our NEW ENDEAVOUR Plan. We will be offering what we call "Data Packs", and this will enable you to extend your data  allowance if you need. You can easily upgrade your data limit as your needs grow.

do you offer a money back guarantee?

We really do believe you will love WISDOME and see the potential it has to grow even further. With our passion and drive to ensure this platform opens doors for content sharers and community creators, this platform will be upgrading with the funds that come in.

However, we also promise that if you for any reason are not happy with WISDOME and think it is just not right for you, please simply email us at support@wisdome.com.au within 30 days of your subscription start date and we will refund your money back. We may only ask why, so we can better our support and services. 

can i cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes you can simply unsubscribe from inside the platform via settings. Once you have unsubscribed, we would suggest you email us at support@wisdome.com.au .
We of course would never like to see anyone leave, but we do understand we are not built for everyone at the moment. 

Monthly or yearly users can cancel anytime, however we cannot pay out based on pro rata (time left over in your plan).

can i accept internal payments?

YES!! We are integrated with STRIPE,  so you can accept credit card payments from potential new or upgrading members. You are able to invite new users into your business via a Plan Landing Page (a URL) that you can share anywhere. WE DO NOT take a cut from your sales either!

what if I still have questions?

That's okay. We understand how daunting it can be when using new software and our team are here to support you. Contact us via email to support@wisdome.com.au and we will be more than happy to assist you.



Simply click on the link above and share this with your members. Only members registered with you can be invited to download WISDOME!

iOS coming soon!